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Botanical Printing and Natural Dye Home Workshop 2017

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$18.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

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Botanical Printing + Natural Dyes Opulent Fibers
Learn from home
Our favorite workshop packaged as a kit
  Includes materials, tutorials, online videos and chat
Instructor: Kristy Kun Cost: $280 plus materials fee (see below)





"What I've learned since taking Kristy's class has been exponential ..."

"Thank you Kristy. I learned so much from you and I really appreciate all the hard work you put in to make it a successful workshop. Especially appreciate your willingness to watch the dye and steam pots for us in the rain."


Class Description: In-depth study of printing with plants on mordanted, dyed, and un-dyed fabric. $175 materials kit is additional to home workshop fee.

Finally... You can work in your own home and learn these magical techniques! The workshop I host in the studio is organized to walk students through dozens of process and methodically document the results for future reference. It lends itself well to the home workshop format I've been using for felting classes.

With a user friendly forum for online support from the instructor and chat rooms for sharing, participants will be able to see results of other students as we work through the lessons. The resulting samples are an encyclopedia of information on botanical printing and relate specifically to the native and readily available flora in your own neighborhood... Good note taking on fellow students results will add even more to the bounty of information.

This new workshop includes all of the lessons I teach in the studio version. Lessons will be presented to students in an organized format teach a series of methods that build on the previous technique. Materials for each lesson are prepared and labeled in an organized way for each lesson. Additional fabrics for student's exploration are included in the kit... It is always fun to experiment MORE after you get a feel for the process and find the results that most interest you.


What you will experience...

Printing on mordanted and dyed fabrics with use of modifiers for desired results... Including discharge, over dye, and creating outline effects.

What you will learn in addition to the results from class...

Proper mordanting techniques for silk fabrics.

Simple methods for working with natural dyes and dye extracts including Weld, Logwood, Cochineal and Indigo.


A materials kit including silk fabric, bundling supplies, and print modifiers (including indigo) will be supplied to all students for this workshop. Cost $175. International students will be charged for excess shipping fees when kits ship (end of April for May students and end of June for July students).

Silk fabrics selected for the kit are proven to obtain the finest results in dyeing and printing. You will have many yards to work with from your kit.

Fabrics will be PRE-MORDANTED and PRE-DYED by the instructor. Detailed tutorials and video demonstrations will walk students through the process of mordanting and dyeing fabrics and will supply sources for these materials. The purpose of this workshop is to provide students a platform to explore the magic of printing with leaves and provide an understanding of the chemical reactions yielding specific results. Much information is available through books, workshops, and online sources in the way of natural dyeing. Once you discover the beauty of combining printing and dyeing, you can explore the world of natural dyes further.

Note: This is basically the same way the workshop is run in my studio. In the studio, we spend time every day discussing mordanting and dyeing and walk through the process of calculating the materials and processing fabrics through dye-baths. After the morning lesson, students are given time to focus on working with the prepared fabrics rather than standing over the stove to prepare them.


Supplies required: 

Students will need some specific equipment to steam fabrics. A specific list of supplies will be sent out a month prior to kits shipping. Plan to spend between $50 and $80 on the equipment which will be easy to find at local stores, or available through amazon. I will provide some easy links if you prefer to order online.

steaming equipment (specifics supplied before class) and stove (kitchen stove will be okay for class)


gloves (specifics supplied before class)

plants and leaves (specifics supplied before class)



a few other miscellaneous items (specifics supplied before class)


Online workshops: Through the online platform, you will receive updates and video tutorials from the instructor, share your progress, interact with fellow participants and the instructor to trouble shoot and inspire, and expand on the techniques with open dialogue. There are two sessions available for this class. Add a note of May or July when when purchasing the workshop... or I will email you later to ask. The online platform for these sessions will be open for the full month selected. All lessons will be presented in the first week of the month and participants can work at their own pace sharing, discussing, and uploading photos and comments throughout the month.

While online participation isn't required to complete the home workshop, it is encouraged in order to fully explore the techniques. Classroom login will be required to access Tutorial downloads (pdf format) and video demonstrations. Asking questions through the online platform and uploading photos of your work for instructor feedback will help you have a more rounded understanding of the process.



Kristy KunAbout the instructor:  (Hi... It's me, Kristy! The one woman show behind all of this Opulent Fibers goodness!) ... Kristy Kun is a professional fiber artist and works hands-on with all of the products she sells. She draws on years of experience working with fiber, leather and wood to create unique pieces of wearable art and home accessories. Deeply rooted in Kristy’s art and business is her core philosophy of respect and protection of the environment, supporting the creative growth of our children, and the sharing of inspirations and techniques in the arts.


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