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Healthy Wool, Fibers & Textiles... Let’s Make Things Better! 

Our wool and fibers are free of harmful substancesI’ve added this page to share my wish to make things better, and Opulent Fibers’ continuing commitment to quality assurance by offering risk-free wools, fibers and textiles exceeding environmental safety standards. As you know, the International Oeko-Tex Association, a global textiles safety research group based in over 50 countries, certifies all of our products.

Some may think beauty is only skin-deep. Opulent Fibers’ products are beautiful to the core, thanks to the wise practices of my suppliers. They know how to make things better.

As the exclusive U.S. distributor of Dying House Gallery wools and fibers, I’m proud to know that all DHG products are end-process tested to earn Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, at the very last step of production before being shipped to my Oregon studio! All Opulent Fibers merino silk, wool, fibers and products are 100% certified by Oeko-Tex. To me, that means a lot.

The Oeko-Tex institutes provide, for the first time, “a uniform, scientifically founded evaluation standard for the human ecological safety of textiles, against the background of the globalised and extremely fragmented nature of the textile manufacturing chain.”

Whew, I’ll say! Seriously, I do feel we all need to care as much about what we wear on our skin, as much as we care about what we put into our bodies, our air, and water. Should we have to ask, “Are the materials I wear on my skin, even safe for skin?” Who wants to wear a chemical cloak, or caustic scarf?

Our merino wool, silk, fibers and products are all OTA cerified Our OTA certification is for Product Classs II, specifically for textiles that have a lot of direct contact with the skin. And, like I mention in my April newsletter (and every other chance I get!), not only does all of our dyeing meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to ensure fibers are safe to the touch, the dyeing facility in Prato, also captures and reuses its waste water, AND recently installed their own wind-power generator!

To my knowledge, no other commercially processed fibers on the U.S. market have this coveted certification. I believe that it is meaningful to support this kind of healthy standard, and I hope you agree. Let’s make things better!

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