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Video Tutorials


The new year brings the launch of our online video tutorials. Enjoy!

If you have ideas or are curious about a technique, send request via email.

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You know the old adage... "There's more than one way to skin a cat." Many techniques in felting can be accomplished through any number of processes... all with the basic principles at work.


Our tutorials offer one option for you to consider. Have fun with it, add it to your repertoire, and make the changes needed to make it your own.


# 1 Easy-Peasy Felt Balls

Felt balls are fun to make for all ages You can add to any number of projects...

Or just fill a jar with them and throw one out to the cat every now and then.

This tutorial offers an almost fool-proof way to make them. This video demonstrates with our Merino Top, but most wools will work.

Try mixing bright solid colors with natural Finn Wool for beautiful heathered balls.

TIP: Don't fret if you see cracks in your ball, remedy it before it is finished by pulling fibers out of the crack and fluffing it out a little. This will give the fibers another chance to grab together. They often disappear as the ball shrinks at the end of the process.

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