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Colorful merino wool, silk and tussah fibers from direct from Italy

Opulent Fibers was born out of two women's passion to share superior merino wool fiber and COLOR with artists around the globe. In 2010, Kristy Kun (an Oregon based felt-maker), discovered Italy’s Dyeing House Gallery, a family owned on-demand dye company located in Italy's oldest textile district in Prato. Soon, she teamed with DHG’s third-generation textile expert, Gaia Gualtieri to bring their contemporary palette of luxury fibers to America.

While Gaia was devising new ways to produce and distribute artisan wool, silk and tussah fibers (in an industry that historically opened its doors only to industrial textile projects), Kristy was looking for ways to expand the COLOR and quality choices for artists working in felt and fiber in the United States. As an artist, Kristy knew standards for fiber at the time were in need of a revolution! This meeting of like-minded souls was and is, the foundation for Opulent Fibers.                             Kristy and Gaia in Long Beach, 2012

Opulent Fibers is the exclusive U.S. distributor for DHG, Italy. Take some time to learn more about DHG and the full range of products they produce by visiting their European online store. All of their fibers are available to our U.S. customers. Please email if you have questions or special requests.

Dying House Gallery, Merino Wool, Silk and Tussah

Opulent Fibers ensures the highest environmental standards have been met in their product production by supplying fibers and merino wool felts that meet the International Standard for nontoxic and baby safe wool, Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

We educate and inspire customers by providing an online outlet for sharing works and knowledge, offering hands-on opportunities to local schools, and preparing free and commissioned demonstrations of wool craft at trade shows and community events. 

Opulent Fibers invites Gaia and the Dyeing House Gallery to the U.S. every year to meet our customers, introduce new lines and receive feedback on products and techniques. Please come meet Kristy and Gaia at our joint Spin-Off Autumn Retreat booth in St.Charles, IL, October 2013.


Opulent Fibers founder and felting artist Krist Kun with her daughter, OliviaKristy Kun is a professional fiber artist and works hands-on with all of the products she sells. She draws on years of experience working with fiber, leather and wood to create unique pieces of wearable art and home accessories. Deeply rooted in Kristy’s art and business is her core philosophy of respect and protection of the environment, supporting the creative growth of our children, and the sharing of inspirations and techniques in the arts.

Kristy's studio is located in Milwaukie, OR, a Portland suburb. If you are interested in visiting the studio to shop or take a class please sign up for our newsletter and use the contact information below.


 Contact Kristy at opulentfibers(at)me(dot)com or give a ring to (707) 845-5348.

 View K. Kun Feltworks gallery page

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